BK by CK

BK by CK

Born in New York City, Brooks Kraft graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in photography and film. Early in his career, Kraft began as an apprentice to photographer Irving Penn and traveled with Nelson Mandela during the historic Presidential elections in South African.  

Immersed in commercial photography for the past twenty-five years, Kraft has become one of the world’s most well known and accomplished photojournalists. His work has appeared across the globe in thousands of publications and his iconic images have graced the cover of magazines such as TIME, People, and LIFE.  

As a White House photographer with TIME Magazine for ten years and a veteran of six presidential campaigns, Kraft traveled with the president on Air Force One throughout America and to more than fifty countries. In the corporate world his diverse clients include Goldman Sachs, Google, and Harper Collins.  

From the hyperkinetic world of presidential campaigns to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies to the factory floor, Kraft’s unobtrusive style and gift for composition allow him to quickly translate everyday scenes into powerful imagery.  

Emblematic of his versatility is Kraft’s extensive portrait work. From presidents, celebrities and corporate leaders to everyday people. Kraft’s discerning eye captures the unique dynamic presence of everyone.  

Kraft’s work has garnered numerous awards and his critically acclaimed images have been featured in countless exhibitions and displayed at the Newseum in Washington, DC. In 2013 he was named International Photographer of the Year.  

Based in Washington, DC, Kraft is available for commissions worldwide.